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Olympiadepartment closing ceremony September 2018

HPPM Topic Summary for September 2018

30 September 2018

The 13th Olympiadepartment closing ceremony was held on September 2nd 2018.

NHC HPPM Convention August 2018

HPPM Topic Summary for August 2018

31 August 2018

The 7th NHC Indonesia Bloc Convention was held on August 30th participated by 19 circles from AHM, HPM, HPPM, HPPI and suppliers.

NHC HPPM Convention July 2018

HPPM Topic Summary for July 2018

30 July 2018

Bakka Cross verification for Asia Oceania region was held at HPPM on July 17th - 20th 2018 which participated by gempos representatives from HPPM, HPM, HCIL, HPMC, HCIL and HATC.

NHC HPPM Convention June 2018

HPPM Topic Summary for June 2018

30 June 2018

On June 26th 2018, NHC HPPM Convention was held and joined by 14 circles from HPPM and 3 circles from supplier.

BQ May 2018

HPPM Topic Summary for May 2018

31 May 2018

BQ award competition was held on May 14th 2018 which participated by 9 themes and 3 best themes has selected as winners.

HPPM Topic Summary for April 2018

30 April 2018

On April 12th-13th HPPM implement TQM Training for group leader. The event followed by 11 Group Leader.

HPPM Topic Summary for March 2018

30 March 2018

On March 23rd, 2018, Opening ceremony of jogging track & futsal court was held and it was attended by HPPM management, labour Union and associates representatives, and HPPM marathon athletes.

HPPM Topic Summary for February 2018

28 February 2018

On February 9th 2018, HPPM was welcoming the Executive officer of quality Mr Kaihara and the chairman of BQ Mr. Ishibashi from Japan regarding BQ Award Visit. Assy Dept was presented Gold Category as the 2017 BQ Theme for Gold Category.

HPPM Topic Summary for January 2018

31 January 2018

In 2017, BQ theme from ASSY Department as HPPM representative was joint and present theme at Asia Oceania Best Quality Award in Thailand on January 23rd~24th ,2018

HPPM Topic Summary for December 2017

30 December 2017

As one of the strategy on preparing HPPM Self reliance, on 21-Dec-17 has conducted the 4th New Model Course, which attend by 69 attendee, contains of Group Leaders and New Model PIC (NM PL’s).

HPPM Topic Summary for November 2017

30 November 2017

HPPM participated in NHC Asia Oceania in Vietnam and Interbloc in China . The team can see and learn themes of other Honda associates from other countries and can mingle and learn the culture of other countries.

HPPM Topic Summary for October 2017

30 October 2017

HPPM Best Kaizen & Best Hakken Competition for 16ki 1st Half was held on October 12th -13th. From 23,718 themes proposed

HPPM Topic Summary for September 2017

30 September 2017

The 12th Olympiadept Closing Ceremony was held on September 9th, 2017.

Succesfully achievied the 5th position on the Jakarta Kizuna Ekiden competition.

15 May 2016

his is the first time HPPM associates join "Jakarta Kizuna Ekiden #3" competition that be held at Stadion Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta on Monday ,may 15th, 2016. The competition was followed by 1764 pasticipants of 441 teams, also enlivened by Kepala Agensi Olahraga Suzuki.

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